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John Sokol
John Sokol.jpg
John Sokol at SVLUG 2011

Early Digital Audio[edit]

Developed Digital Audio Record and Playback hardware for the RadioShack TRS80 Color Computer, Apple II, IBM PC, Apple Lisa, and Macintosh, Commodore Pet and C64 in the early 80's while still in High School.

Posted some of the earilest Digital Audio files to BBS's and Recorded a number of Audio Clips that became almost famous, the Meep Meep sound for the Mac, "I am sorry Dave" and "All my systems are functioning Perfectly" from 2001 a Space Odyssey that many people would play on there computers.

Sold some the first hand made custom electronic sampler / pitch shifters based on the C64 sold in to New York City from 1982 to 1985. Many of the audio clips from that found there way in to early Hip Hop music albums.

Inventor of the Audio Byte, first commercial audio device for the PC in 1987 sold by Zebra Research Inc. [1]

Inventions and Innovation[edit]

The first Streaming Audio and First Streaming Video on the Internet.

Invented the first hand held oscilloscope in 1985 but never filed patents before presenting the prototype to Fluke and Tektronix.

Originally registered while working there in 1992 and gave a presentation on the concept of Internet Banking which was rejected that same year.

Developed and tested theories of Memetic engineering with Leveious Rolando, for product marketing and using early Internet technology to track and study meme propigation and properties, 1993.

First CDN (See Netsys, SDSN)


Streaming Video[edit]

Did the first Internet video streaming for Sun Microsystems in 1990.

Inventor of the Livecam The first Internet Streaming video product in 1994. The Livecam become the dominant video streaming technology in the Adult industry. It was acquired by Digital Video Technology Inc (DVT) that was later acquired by DVBS Inc. (Digital Video Broadcast systems) [2] [3]

Founder of Netsys Inc, that made the first Internet CDN branded SDSN in 1994.

Arthur C. Clarke Cybercasts[edit]

Did the first large scale Internet video streaming Arthur C. Clarke Cybercasts

March 14,1997[edit]

CyberCast of Arthur C. Clarke] Live from Sri Lanka to UIUC near Chicago. Over 3000 live viewer of the event and the video stream from Sri Lanka to Chicago, the main stream from Sri Lanka was done using the Livecam over SPAK protocol. Outbound steaming with done using several streaming technologies. Livecam, Xing Streamworks, Vosaic, Real Audio. [4] [5]

May 21, 1998[edit]

"A Day on Europa" at Nasa/JPL Caltech [6]

April 30, 1998[edit]

American Film Institute in Los Angeles with Tom Hanks and Bill Anders (Apollo 8 astronaut). [7]


John Sokol's home page

The owner of writing articles on video since 2002.



Open Source[edit]

Worked on the release of 386BSD the first open source Unix from 1987 to 1992. [8]

Attended the DebConf6 (Debian Conference 2006) as a guest. Left the conference early as a principled stand, when Debian member Ted Walther was mistreated. [9] [10]

Afterburner Web Server[edit]

Afterburner Web Server

John Sokol's Blog: AfterBurner Web Server


RTelnet Reverse telnet.

RTelnet is a reverse Telnet, it's incredibly useful to get behind firewalls and NAT's or routers running IP masquerading very useful for remotely admin someones PC remotely when they don't know how to do anything like opening their firewall.


ViVi VIrtual VIdeo Driver in Linux 2.6.17 and above

The VIVI driver; a great starting point for V4L2 driver writers

Past businesses and ventures[edit]

  • Direct Data Resource - Founder, Macintosh Repair Company in New Jersey
  • Excalibur electronics. - Partner, Hand Held Digital Oscilloscope (Business plan & prototype, never got off the ground)
  • [Zebra Research ] - Founder, PC Parallel Printer Port Audio Play and Record Dongle and Software library to play 6 Bit digital Audio on PC Internal Speaker. Also GPIB/HPIB/IEEE488 over PC Printer port.
  • BarToy - Partner in (Business plan & prototype, never got off the ground)
  • [Stellar Designs ] - Partner in Laser Show Company Based in New Jersey.
  • CyberJava - Partner, First Internet Cafe in Southern California
  • Sokol & Assoc. - Founder, Internet Consulting Company Based in Venice Beach California.
  • Fountain Head - Partner in Internet Consulting Company
  • [Hazardous Media] - Partner in Independent Film Company.
  • Netsys - Founder 1994 First CDN, called SDSN
  • Symatrix - Founder , CDN
  • Direct Net - Partnered with them on Early Steaming video and Hollywood Movie web site hosting.
  • Omnetrix - Partner, Internet Consulting Company
  • Process Network Productions - Partner, Internet Consulting Company
  • Light Entertainment - Partner, Internet Consulting Company
  • ThePinkPages - Partner,
  • AlphaWorld - Partner, Video Steaming Service provider. Billing Per Minute with Chat.
  • IBS - Internet Broadcast Systems - Founder, Selling Livecam Servers & CDN
  • DVT - Digital Video Technology - Founder, Video Steaming Service provider. Billing Per Minute with Chat.
  • KMJ - Kenny Michael John - Various Investments and Holdings.
  • IDBS - International Digital Broadcast Systems - Founder, Selling Livecam Servers & CDN
  • L.I.V.E - Live Interactive Video Entertainment - Partner ,Selling Livecam Servers & CDN
  • Vidx - Video Steaming Service provider. Partner, Billing Per Minute with Chat.
  • CCI Cyber Communications Inc. Korea Based - Partner, Selling Livecam Servers & CDN, Developed early CCTV DVR.
  • DVBS - Digital Video Broadcast Systems, Founder, Went Public on VSE, - Selling Livecam Servers & CDN
  • Access Los Angeles - Partner, Hollywood Entertainment web portal.
  • Zydeo - Partner, Selling Livecam Servers.
  • [Enumera ] - Founder, Blade Servers, and 50x core Cell Processor (Just Prototypes, never got off the ground)
  • Vigilant Devices - Founder, Free View Point Video from CCTV DVR, Cloud Storage of Video Data (Business plan only, never got off the ground)
  • [Meshcast ] - P2P streaming Audio company. (Business plan only, never got off the ground)
  • LinPDA - Partner, Linux Based PDA (Business plan & prototype, never got off the ground)
  • MailClad - Founder, Electronic Voting Solution. (Business plan only, never got off the ground)
  • Decash - Founder, Electronic Currency Solution, Similar to Bitcoin. (Business plan only, never got off the ground)
  • Exsentrik Enterprizes (Misspelling deliberate) - Partner, Next Generation Vending Machine Company (Just Prototype, never got off the ground)
  • ZBoxDVD - Partner, DVD Rental Vending Machine (deployed 10 systems failed to meet sales expectations then folded)
  • Sunex - Partner, Software Consulting Company, Indian Software outsourcing
  • Video Technology Video Consulting company, now Video Technology Magazine Ongoing since 1994
  • Lil-bot - Funded Kickstarter project
  • Anybots - Head of engineering in 2012 to 2014 , share holder
  • Telepresence Robotics Corporation

Current businesses and ventures I am involved with[edit]

  • [Vizor Inc. ] - Partner, Augmented Reality HMD (Business plan & prototype, still seeking funding)
  • [Nisvara Inc. ] - Founder, Silent Computers and Computer Heat Management company, Partnered with NASA Ames. (still seeking funding and customers)
  • [Video Technology ] - Founder, Video Software Consulting Company & Blog (Currently operating)
  • [Anybots] Telepresence robotics Anybots
  • [Lil'bot] Small self balancing , Mobile Inverted Pendulum robot on Kickstarter


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