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From 1999 DAB

by columns (over 1 column minimum)

  • 43 – People born in New York;
  • 32 – People born in Massachusetts;
  • 24 – People born in Pennsylvania;
  • 15 – Educators;
  • 14 – People born in England; Lawyers;
  • 13 – People born in Ohio; People born in Virginia;
  • 12 – People born in Connecticut; Fiction writers; Political figures;
  • 11 – People born in Illinois; Stage and screen actors;
  • 10 – Physicians;
  • 9 – U. S. Representatives;
  • 8 – Poets; Print journalists; U. S. Senators;
  • 7 – Educational institution officials; People born in Germany; Jurists; People born in Maryland; People born in New Jersey; Newspaper editors and publishers; Painters; State governors;
  • 6 – Composers and arrangers; Diplomats; Historians; Jazz musicians; People born in Kentucky; Magazine and journal editors and publishers; People born in South Carolina;
  • 5 – People born in California; People born in Georgia; People born in Indiana; People born in Ireland; People born in Maine; Merchants; People born in Missouri; People born in North Carolina; Philanthropists; Social reformers;
  • 4 – Army officers; People born in Canada; Dramatists; Inventors; People born in Michigan; People born in New Hampshire; People born in Tennessee; Union Army officers; People born in Wisconsin;
  • 3 – Abolitionists; People born in Alabama; American Indian leaders; Architects; Baseball players; Chemists; People born in the District of Columbia; Entrepreneurs; Federal government officials; People born in France; People born in Iowa; Labor organizers and leaders; People born in Louisiana; Medical educators; Missionaries; Organization founders and officials; Revolutionary Army officers; People born in Rhode Island; People born in Russia; People born in Scotland; People born in Texas; People born in Vermont;
  • 2 – Army officers (1784-1860); Army officers (1866-1995); Astronomers; Athletic coaches and managers; People born in Austria; Bandleaders; Biographers; Book editors and publishers; Capitalists and financiers; Civil rights activists; Colonial governors and proprietors; Confederate Army officers; Congregational clergy; Dancers; Explorers; Financial industry leaders; Geologists; People born in Kansas; Mathematicians; People born in Minnesota; People born in Mississippi; Motion picture producers and directors; Philosophers; Physicists; Pianists; Political activists; Presbyterian clergy; Psychologists; Railroad industry leaders; Religious educators; Science educators; Sculptors; Slaves; Songwriters; Surgeons; Theatrical producers and directors; Theologians; Women's rights advocates;
  • 1 – Agriculturalists; Anthropologists; People born in Arkansas; Autobiographers; Automobile industry leaders; Baptist clergy; Biochemists; Blues musicians and singers; Botanists; Boxers; Cartoonists and comic strip artists; Children's book writers and illustrators; Choreographers and dance directors; Civic leaders; Civil engineers; Colonial founders and officials; People born in Colorado; Comedians; Country musicians and singers; Dance teachers; People born in Delaware; Duelists; Economists; Educational reform advocates; Episcopalian bishops; Episcopalian clergy; Essayists; Evangelists; People born in Florida; Football players; Frontiersmen and pioneers; Guitarists; Health and safety reformers; Humorists; People born in Hungary; Illustrators; Industrialists; Institutional founders and benefactors; Iron and steel industry leaders; People born in Italy; Lecturers; Legal scholars; Librarians; Literary critics; Loyalists (of the American Revolution); Mayors; Medical scientists; Military engineers; Murder victims; Music educators; Naturalists; Naval officers (1784-1860); Naval officers (1866-1995); People born in Nebraska; People born in the Netherlands; Nobel Prize winners; Opera singers; Orchestral conductors; Photographers; Physiologists; Plantation owners; People born in Poland; Popular singers; Printers; Printmakers; Public health officials; Radio and television personalities; Religious studies scholars; Revolutionary leaders (American Revolution); Roman Catholic bishops; Roman Catholic clergy; Saxophonists; Scientific organization administrators; Screenwriters; Social historians and commentators; Sociologists; Sports organization executives; State legislators; Suffragists; Supreme Court justices; People born in Switzerland; Theater owners and managers; Travel writers; Union naval officials; Unitarian clergy; Vaudeville performers; People born in Washington; People born in West Virginia;