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John Gibbard is Wikipedia contributor from Surbiton in the United Kingdom. His contributions are varied and intermittent. His first contribution, regarding his home village of Wormshill in Kent was in July 2005. His brother, Richard is, however a more active contributor (Richard's contributions) and their combined efforts enabled that first article to acheive Featured Article status in early 2008.

John has made entries under, and under for an edit on Welsh gold in the past though all edits are now attributable to this profile.


Celebrated Quaternary geologist and Wikipedian Phil Gibbard is a member of John's extended family. John is also related (through his paternal grandmother) to the notorious Thomas Blood.

John has a blog which mentioned Wikipedia in 'A Wiki Way To Waste Time'.

Notable Contributions[edit]

Symbol support vote.svgThis user helped promote the article Wormshill to good article status.