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This user page is here in case somebody is looking for me. Actual information about me can be found on my web site: <>.

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Hello John! Many many thanks for the free software OCR-A font. I'm the guy having it packaged for Debian. And thanks for updating the Wikipedia article to it. Do you have any plans to also create a free OCR-B font?

No, I did the OCR-A font because I had a need for it—our lockbox vendor insisted we use it on our return forms, and it seemed silly to buy it. When I finished it I put it on sourceforge to save others like me the week it took me to create it.

My e-mail address is I don't look at this page very often; sending e-mail is a better way to get my attention.

Thank you for the answer, I have stored your e-mail address in my addressbook.

Committed Identity[edit]

To permit recovery of this account if it is ever hijacked, I have in my possession a secret text, which I will reveal to an authority to prove my identity. I publish here a one-way hash of the text.

Committed identity: f0fc92de2841e47be2741aad4115b96ccfc227418ae0f299f6858f2feeab9e25270856fe6a357b2fa8973f5da7788508f203a973e59ea67fc46382da761f4a5a is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.