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I have been coming to these pages, fairly regularly, though not prolifically, since July 2005 and have now created a few articles, mostly cricket biographies, mainly derived from a lifetime of watching cricket and a 110-year collection of Wisden, which is well thumbed.

I'm not particularly interested in creating Featured Articles, though happy to contribute where I can to other people's efforts. Rather, I like to advance articles from stub status towards at least a basic coverage of the points of interest and notability.

Nice things[edit]

All a bit immodest to put these things on one's User Page. So now there's a separate page for them here.


Long-standing project: flesh out some of the more basic cricketer biographies for South African Test players pre- and post-WW2. List here. Please feel free to help. Also started list of players whose biogs seem in need of attention here.

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