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*If your wondering why my user name is Johnnybravo01 it's because johnnybravo is my horses name.*And if you want to know what the tip of the day is click this link. "Tip of the day"

favorite color: I have lots my main are blue and orange

favorite band: I also have a lot of these but most are green day, american rejects, panic! at the disco

favorite celebrity: Tobey Maguire, Hugh Jackman

favorite movie: Seabiscuit, most scary movies

favorite school subject: spanish(cuz i wanna learn a language & spanish is easier than latin was)

favorite book: I like the sherlock holmes books and my fav. is hound of the baskervilles

favorite car: my dream car is my dads '69 ss convertable commaro(but 4 my first car i'd take a jeep)

favorite food: meat

my friends: Paris_blues, Resppaz8, Phelpsfan44,XCluvr16