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This is a working page to see whether all the guides (rather than policies) on writing better articles can be effectively merged and simplified. This is an exercise in consolidating existing non-binding guidance on writing better articles. It is not intended to become policy, but it is intended to supplement documents that are policy: Wikipedia:Manual of Style, Wikipedia:How to edit a page.

The proposal is that every article noted below as being 'merged in' would become a redirect to a Wikipedia:Guide to writing better articles page instead.

The proposal does not refer to guidance on writing articles that are lists or are disambiguation pages.

See also: User:Jongarrettuk/Better writing guide (current draft)

Wikipedia:How to write a great article
Wikipedia:The perfect article

Articles to merge into one:

  1. Wikipedia:Avoid blanket statements (merged in) (now a redirect)
  2. Wikipedia:Avoid making your articles orphans (merged in) (now a redirect)
  3. Wikipedia:Avoid peacock terms (merged in)
  4. Wikipedia:Avoid weasel terms (merged in)
  5. Wikipedia:Balance parts of a page (merged in) (now a redirect)
  6. Wikipedia:Define and describe (merged in) (now a redirect)
  7. Wikipedia:Distill fact from opinion (not covered - not official policy/guideline and not clear what it means) (now a redirect)
  8. Wikipedia:Don't use external links where we'll want Wikipedia links (merged in) (now a redirect)
  9. Wikipedia:Establish context (merged in) (now a redirect)
  10. Wikipedia:Explain jargon (merged in)
  11. Wikipedia:Follow highlighting conventions (merged in)
  12. Wikipedia:Guide to layout (merged in)
  13. Wikipedia:How to break up a page (merged in)
  14. Wikipedia:Integrate changes (merged in) (now a redirect)
  15. Wikipedia:Lead section (merged in) (now a redirect)
  16. Wikipedia:Long article layout (merged in)
  17. Wikipedia:Make a personal copy (merged in) (now a redirect)
  18. Wikipedia:Make articles useful for readers (merged in)
  19. Wikipedia:Make omissions explicit (merged in)
  20. Wikipedia:News style (merged in) (now a redirect)
  21. Wikipedia:One-sentence paragraphs (merged in)
  22. Wikipedia:Pay attention to spelling (merged in) (now a redirect)
  23. Wikipedia:Principle of least astonishment (merged in) (now a redirect)
  24. Wikipedia:Pronoun (merged in) (now a redirect)
  25. Wikipedia:Use color sparingly (merged in) (now a redirect)
  26. Wikipedia:Use of 'refers to' (merged in) (now a redirect)
  27. Wikipedia:Use other languages sparingly (merged in) (now a redirect)
  28. Wikipedia:Use short sentences and lists (merged in)
  29. Wikipedia:Summary style (merged in) (now a redirect)
  30. Wikipedia:Stay on topic (merged in)
  31. Wikipedia:Check your facts (merged in)
  32. Wikipedia:Check your fiction (merged in) (now a redirect)
  33. Wikipedia:Describe external links (merged in) (now a redirect)