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Who I am[edit]

I am a 58 year old professional website developer, PC tech, and a blues and swing musician in the Kern County area of California. Also a cosplayer, known for my portrayal of The Penguin. I am not a Wikipedia administrator.

What I do on Wikipedia[edit]

I currently monitor several steampunk-related Wikipedia articles for vandalism, and have made other contributions relating to the steampunk and dieselpunk genres, and work on improving their standings on the Biography Quality Scale.

I have of late been working on rewriting sections of the main Steampunk article - especially the sections pertaining to art, music, fashion and culture - for readability, removing image clutter and what WP terms "cruft".

Pages I am an active editor or contributor to:[edit]

(My watch list contains 150+ pages I regularly monitor for vandalism, etc.)

Pages added by me:[edit]

Pages I'm presently working on:[edit]


I've noticed there are two types of editors on Wikipedia: Those that instantly want to delete anything that isn't referenced yet, even if it's a sensible, good faith edit, and those who are willing to give good faith edits the benefit of the doubt and even attempt to find references for them to assist the original poster. I am of the latter sort, and the former sort frustrate me no end. Also frustrating are prejudicial editors, which are often little better than vandals.