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About me

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Hi all,

I currently live in Barcelona, where I was born in the seventies. I've spent most of my life here - although I moved around Europe as much as my pocket allowed me when I first entered university, and spent some quality time doing nothing in France and Italy. I specialised in Physics (meaning that I can bore anyone to death in less than six minutes by trying to condense the huge amount of useless stuff I failed to accurately learn about an exceedingly insignificant subtopic in a very narrow branch of a barely pronounceable theory within a discipline no-one in the world is really able to understand), and I am in my last term of Architecture and have begun to study Political Sciences because I believe society can do with another useless overtrained professional as long as the Government keeps paying my tuition fees. And I can play the piano.

When I'm not actively trying to forget the next Urban Planning deadline I'm gonna miss, I work as head project manager in European-funded research; a job that allows me to travel quite often to exotic and glamourous countries such as Belgium and Germany (which looks good written on my CV), and to know the name of every single flight attendant in every single plane by heart (which would look just plain weird written anywhere weren't I bluffing). My background in hard science probably makes me vulnerable to more biases than I would like to admit; yet being both skeptical and lazy by nature, and having learned that no knowledge is set in stone (at least not since the Romans - paper's so much more practical), I try never to accept facts on face value nor let my preconceptions get hold of me. And I can play the piano.

The thing I'm proudest about is my being so good at compartmentalization that I'm able to watch the sunset with my girlfriend musing on the impressively beautiful scenery that would've cost Van Gogh another ear and simultaneously think how the Earth is but an iron/oxygen rotating pebble caught in the gravity well of a huge globe-shaped thermonuclear device some eight light-minutes away that's ruthlessly bombarding us with sixty-five thousand million neutrinos per square centimeter per second. And I can play the piano.

I'm lucky enough to have two native tongues, Catalan (by default) and Spanish (a very close second); plus being more or less fluent in English and French, and even capable of mumbling something vaguely coherent in Italian and German. I'm generally interested in almost every field of knowledge as long as I don't have to get up and fetch a book to learn about it; therefore, Wikipedia proves to be more of an addiction than a source of information to me. So at least I know whom I'm going to file a suit against when I get incapacitated by the carpal tunnel syndrome (thanks, Jimmy! I'll make sure to text you my bank account number as soon as I can).

What more can I say? Well, some people believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I believe in Bach, Mies van der Rohe and Euler. And did I mention I can play the piano?

Jordissim (talk) 08:19, 30 April 2012 (UTC)