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I am a librarian working in Leiden (the Netherlands). My main interests lie with cross-patches & sly dogs and with artists, libraries & publishers. I started lemmata such as Genesis Potini, Alphonso Lisk-Carew, Maxim Februari, Rudolf Breslauer, International Institute of Social History, Jay Jordan, Bibliotheca Thysiana, Carel Stolker, Johan Andreas Dèr Mouw, Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden (and some more). I contributed considerably to other entries, like Leiden University & J. Spencer Trimingham.

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The Signpost
6 February 2017

Wikipedia needs more references, bibliographies, notes & trustworthy external links.

A Wikipedia article is more attractive if images illustrate the text. That's why I added more than 5,000 images to Wikimedia Commons.

I also started a Dutch Wikipedians in Residence project with 12 participating special libraries in the Netherlands (amongst 10 others the EYE film institute and the Rijksmuseum)