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Yeah, the title probably speaks for itself. That, or I'll be doing accounting when I leave this shithole of a town known as Atherton in Australia. Don't know what to one will probably read this, but what the faucet. If you do, let me know.

So...I'm a fan of Alter Bridge. If you've heard of Creed, you should probably know who they are. They're basically known as Creed without Scott Stapp, but their music style speaks differently. Their new album is coming out soon, and I have made a few edits anonymously to the Blackbird (album) page (anonymously. Sounds like I'm someone mysterious.)

^^My message to you if you hate Alter Bridge. I actually go on a forum called 'Alterbridgebandforums'. God knows why there is band at the end. I guess because the name alterbridge was already taken. I post sporadically on there from time to time, but it's a really awesome site. Michael Tremonti (Mark Tremonti's brother) is a regular contributor to the site, giving everyone updates on everything Alter Bridge, which is awesome. Even the band members post every so often. You can't beat that for fan f'ing interaction. It's a pretty cool community there, and everyone's welcome, so if you are an AB fan, get your Bitchin' Bridgin' behind over there. Don't mean to advertise or anything though, so if you're the admin, just delete all that if it's a problem.

*Secretly plots that one day if that happens, he will find some way to 'stick it' to the man (Wiki admins)!*

Another interest of mine is...professional wrestling. Yeah, it's fake, but who doesn't know that these days? I'm what you'd call a smark in professional wrestling terminology. It's embarassing to admit some times, but I'm not afraid to tell others that I like it. If they took the time to watch it, they may even take it somewhat seriously like I do (that 'seriousness' is taking somewhat of a downward spiral as age and maturity begin to kick in to action) but it's still fun to watch. But today's WWE wrestling is so soap-operaish, that it may have the same entertainment value that the Bold and the Beautiful does. In some ways, it's a soap opera for men (or for 14 year olds like myself). But just because I'm that young, doesn't mean I'm too stupid to be a John Cena mark like the other kids my age. Anyone with any shred of wrestling knowledge would know that. Well I'm totally bored. I'm going to get back to doing my scripted dialogue on Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. I can only hope that journalism stays a long way away from anything to do with poetry.

I think I'll start the day count for the John Cena WWE Championship reign. We are at:

25th of July, 2007: Day 311.

26th of July, 2007: Day 312.

27th of July, 2007: Day 313.

28th of July, 2007: Day 314.

29th of July, 2007: Day 315.

30th of July, 2007: Day 316.

31st of July, 2007: Day 317.

1st of August, 2007: Day 318.

2nd of August, 2007: Day 318.

3rd of August, 2007: Day 319.

4th of August, 2007: Day 320.

5th of August, 2007: Day 321.

6th of August, 2007: Day 322.

7th of August, 2007: Day 323.

8th of August, 2007: Day 324.

9th of August, 2007: Day 325.

10th of August, 2007: Day 326.

11th of August, 2007: Day 327.

12th of August, 2007: Day 328.

13th of August, 2007: Day 329.

14th of August, 2007: Day 330.

15th of August, 2007: Day 331.

16th of August, 2007: Day 332.

17th of August, 2007: Day 333.

18th of August, 2007: Day 334.

19th of August, 2007: Day 335.

20th of August, 2007: Day 336.

21st of August, 2007: Day 337.

22nd of August, 2007: Day 338.

23rd of August, 2007: Day 339.

24th of August, 2007: Day 340.

25th of August, 2007: Day 341.

26th of August, 2007: Day 342.

27th of August, 2007: Day 343.

28th of August, 2007: Day 344.

29th of August, 2007: Day 345.

30th of August, 2007: Day 346.

31st of August, 2007: Day 347.

1st of September, 2007: Day 348.

2nd of September, 2007: Day 349.

3rd of September, 2007: Day 350.

4th of September, 2007: Day 351.

5th of September, 2007: Day 352.

6th of September, 2007: Day 353.

7th of September, 2007: Day 354.

8th of September, 2007: Day 355.

9th of September, 2007: Day 356.

Will it make the year mark? Wouldn't put it past them.

Journo:In:Making out. Hmm, saying that could make it mean something else, or make it a little weird. But I can't quite put my finger on it.

P.S. Kudos to anyone that finds this page amongst the millions of others. Guess I'll have to start editing more things. Nothing too vandalising though.

Who is out there? A rather peculiar question. We often ask this. In some circumstances, it is used in a seemingly dire context; a scared, worried question. But are there ever any replies to this question? When we ask it in moments of deep fear and apprehension, do we ever expect to hear an answer? If not, is there any point? The answer to that is yes, there is a point. It is a question used to reassure ourselves that: 1. Yes, we are alone. And 2: Yes, we are foolish for asking the very question. So there's your point. Does anyone take this point into consideration when applying it to a situation, for example, when we are by ourselves, drowning in the 'effervescent' silence, encasing us in our deepest, darkest fears that yes, there is something out there? Someone, something...both instill a sense of fear, but the fact is, it is that fear which invigorates that part of our brain that triggers the pulsation, the adrenaline, that allows us to believe that we are not alone whereever we may be. So in some cases, 'Who is Out There?' can be a statement, for reassurance as explained earlier.

Wonder...wonder...we do this every day. Wondering, what life may/could have been/is like. Wondering...lost...entrapped in the cage of thought, not a care to anything outside that little box we lock ourselves into at any moment we get a chance. Do we ever break the lock? Or better yet, do we want to? What I mean by that, is do we want to actually share our feelings with the world, or do we want to keep them to ourselves, fearful of whoever might hear, or care about them. The process of thought must be an anti-social one, because after all, thought is in the mind, not through the mouth. We do not share or discuss our deepest, darkest feelings with anyone else, so in a sense, we are all secretive, conniving little people. Would we be afraid, if one day, we let our thoughts out for the world to gaze upon? No one can tell me that they wouldn't. Would that girl you admire, laugh at you? Would that friend find it humourous that you like something perceived as trivial amongst the little group you call your friends? Would that little asshole who won't stop pissing you off, get hurt feelings when he finds out what you've been saying/thinking about him behind his back? Wonder...where the thoughts of a human being can remain safe. Safe until that lock is broken. But we will never find the key (courage) to do that.

In this case, this question is not going to be used for reassurance; I already know the answer. This blog was created for the sole purpose of just creating it, there was no point. What is there to get out, that a single person wants to hear? How can billions upon billions of people care what one miniscule speck in the vast universe, has to 'post' about anything that comes to mind? So the answer to my question here, is an obvious one. When I say the words 'Who Is Out There?' I do not expect an answer, none of us do. Because it's simple; there are people out there, but that's just it, they are out there, not in here, in my space. It's a solitary confinement, there can be no intruders. I do not care, or wonder anything about that question: it is irrelevant.

Prove me wrong; answer the call: Who is Out There?