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Eloise Hawking
Lost character
Full name Eloise Hawking

Head of Dharma Initiative station The Lamp Post.

Former member of The Others.
Residence Los Angeles, California.

Eloise Hawking is a fictional character on the ABC television show Lost. She is played primarily by Fionnula Flanagan, but her younger self is played by Alexandra Krosney, while Alice Evans portrays Hawking as a middle aged woman. Hawking currently runs the Dharma Initiative station the "Lamp Post". She was once a member of the Others and also in a relationship with Charles Widmore, the two of them being the respective parents of Daniel Faraday.


On the Island[edit]

Eloise Hawking was first seen in 1954 as an "Other". At the time she was called "Ellie" and captures Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis and Daniel Faraday at a riverbank. She and her associates then take them back to the "Others" 1954 camp. It is there that Miles, Charlotte, and Daniel discover there is a hydrogen bomb on the Island. Daniel convinces Richard Alpert to allow him to look at the bomb withc Richard ordering Ellie to take him. As Ellie is holding Daniel at gunpoint while walking him, he claims she is very similar to 'someone'. After examining the bomb and noticing it is leaking, Daniel tells Ellie that she and her people must bury it, his logic being that he is from the future and the Island is still fine fifty years from then. Ellie is then about to shoot Daniel when James "Sawyer" Ford comes, pointing his gun at Ellie. Juliet Burke then suggests they all put their guns down to talk. Ellie then asks is James and Juliet are also from the future with James asking why Daniel told. The "Others", including Ellie, then vanish due to a time jump.[1]

In 1977, after returning from the mainland, Daniel decides the he must detonate the hydrogen bomb to prevent the release of electromagnetic energy where the Dharma Initiative is building the Swan Station. In search for certain answers he realizes he must find his mother. After enlisting Jack Shephard and Kate Auten to travel with him, he is shot by his mother after bursting into the "Others" camp, holding Richard at gunpoint, and demanding to speak to Eloise. As he's dying, and to her surprise, Daniel tells Eloise that she is his mother, while handing her his notebook.[2] After Jack and Kate are captured and brought into the camp, Eloise asks them several questions about Daniel concluding that she is in fact his mother. After Jack informs her that detonating the bomb can change the future and erase the accidental murder of her son, Eloise states that she will help. Along the way to the burial site of the bomb, Sayid Jarrah appears and goes with them on their journey. They all continue heading to the Tunnels and must swim under water to get to the other side. After they have swam, Eloise uncovers the bomb to show Richard, Jack, and Sayid.[3]

Off the Island[edit]

For a currently unknown reason, between 1977 and the early 2000s, Hawking gets off the island. We first meet her in "Flashes Before Your Eyes," when Desmond tries to buy a ring from her to propose to Penny Widmore, (daughter of Charles Widmore), but she refuses to give him the ring, telling him that it is not his destiny to marry Penny, rather, he is supposed to go to the island. Desmond and Hawking meet again when in "Because You Left," Desmond wakes up from a dream, which he believes was really a memory, involving a time traveling Daniel telling him to go and find her. In "This Place is Death," Desmond meets Hawking and some members the Oceanic 6 at the Dharma Initiative station the Lamp Post, which tells where the constantly moving island will be at a given time, and how to get to it. The Oceanic 6 are trying to get back to the island, but Desmond wants no part in it.

In "The Variable," we find out the relationship between Hawking and Daniel. Hawking insisted that Daniel devote all of his focus to his career in science and mathematics, with no distractions, believing it is his one and only destiny. She also, for an unknown reason, sacrifices Daniel by sending him to the island, knowing her past self would kill him.


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