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Julian St John Foulger
Julian St John Foulger

Name: Julian St John Foulger

Occupation:: Company Director

Profession:: Chartered Accountant

Residence:: Meggen, Switzerland

Julian St John Foulger is Founder and Director of Swiss Mergers and Acquisitions[1] a privately held Swiss Financial Services organization focused on advising Shareholders and Directors on the raising of new finance (both Equity and Debt), sale, purchase and merger of Switzerland-based businesses (i.e. The target is Switzerland domiciled). They also work with business owners on selected non-Swiss domiciled targets, mainly in Europe, Japan, USA and Australia where the target is initiating the transaction. Their work includes identifying potential buyers / sellers and undertaking valuations. Deals are domestic and both inbound and outbound (cross-border). Swiss Mergers and Acquisitions[1] is headquartered in Meggen, Luzern, Switzerland.

He is also a Chairman of Keylemon sa[2], a Swiss Biometrics company based in Valais, Switzerland. Shareholders include a leading Telecoms Group and Private Equity.

In the past he was Founder and Director of TickPC Technologies Ltd, Co-founder and Director of the Shaw Healthcare Group which operates circa 80 nursing homes and private hospitals in the UK, Group CFO of Wireless Systems International and Group CFO of Zuken-Redac, a Japanese / British Group.

He is a UK national.

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