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I'm in the process of revising this page. REV-3 KAS 09:04, 12 June 2006 (UTC)

Likes and Dislikes

What I like: Fun, hanging out with my friends, playing World of Warcraft and leveling up, writing, Cruizing in Healys, programming in Visual Basic and playing Darebase.

What I don't like: Wikipedia editors that fill their arsonal with Wikipedia polices and shoot them like flying missiles to hunt down prey and annoy people rather then be working in harmony or on Wikipedia essays. I don't like Wikipedia editors that view bots as upgrades to increase their weapon damage on innocent victims.

Something About Me

Okay, this is something about me. I'm a risk-taker and a fun loving person. At least that is what I've been told by friends. I even have a pair of Healys and have been dubbed a very cool person with the kids at school. In case you don't know what Healys are, they are tennis shoes with wheel in the rear heal. The adults take a second looks as I coast down the isles of department stores. When It comes to fun, growing up is not an option.

I Love Sailormoon

I am a Sailor Moon fan, and later established "I Love Sailormoon" - it was the largest Internet Store in the world that sold tens of thousands of Sailor Moon items. The store is no longer in business after Sailor Moon went off the air. What remains is my Sailor Moon Collection and it has hundreds of Sailor Moon items made by dozens of manufactures, including a full comic (magna) collection. At this time, I believe it is the largest uncontested Sailor Moon merchandize collection in the world.