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K Encyclopedia B[edit]

My biography is short for the fact that since I am still a "child" in sense means that it is still being written. I find that life is completely unbearable lately. It is exceedingly boring and extremely dull for school seems to get in the way of my way of thinking time.

I believe that I am slightly clairvoyant or if the term you prefer is seeker, psychic, seer, etc.

Decode This![edit]

This is what K Encyclopedia B has come to with the codes of U.S. Currency so far.

Has one ever heard of the Free Masons? They were a secret society that rumor has it, left certain clues on some U.S. Currency. The owl is one of the symbols of the Free Masons. Perhaps if we look carefully enough we can unravel the secrets of the Free Masons and shake the foundations of History.

Secrets of US Currency

One Dollar Bill- Front -In the top right hand corner there is an owl. -If you turn the dollar upside down the bottom left hand corner by the owl is a pawn. -On the bottom of the dollar there are two angels, the left one has one wing and two dark shapes on the right there is another angel with both its wings. -The owl is the sign of the Free Masons which is a secret organization. -Washington’s eyes follow you like Davinci’s Mona Lisa. Back -There are triangular arrows that if followed lead to a certain word. -There are 13 words which correspond to the 13 original states. -These words are- -ordo united one one America united annuit arrows novus seclorum olives arrows stars -Ordo means order, Annuit means approve, Novus means new, and Seclorum means age. -The olive branch is the sign of peace and the arrows are the sign of war. -Novus Seclorum means- The beginning of a new age. -When put into the English language the words say- -order united one one America united approve war new age peace war stars -When rearranged in a different order it says- (please make note I did this many times and this is the one that made the most sense.) One United America One United Order From War to Peace a New Age Shall Approve the Beginning of the Stars -Perhaps this is a prophecy…who knows? I believe it means that through our nation we will win a war and the age of people that are alive after that war is one will approve our nation. -There are 5 lines that branch out from the 1s. These 5 lines represent the lines on a star.

Five Dollar Bill- Front- -The words five dollars are printed all the way down each side of the bill. -If you hold a 5 dollar bill up to the light you’ll see the ghost of Lincoln on the side of his picture. If you see this your bill is real. -On the left and right side of Lincoln’s picture the phrase The United States of America is printed next to his name. Back- -There is a patch of light on the Lincoln memorial in which the point of it lines perfectly up with Lincoln’s Head. -There are the names of states written on top of the memorial.

Ten Dollar Bill- (New) -If you fold it a certain way it shows the Pentagon and The Twin Towers before 9/11. Front- -There are little 10s all over the page. -The words The United Sates of America Ten Dollars USA is printed on the sides. -On the base of the red torch on the left on the right of the torch the words USA10 are printed so it looks like they are part of the torch. Back- -There are little 10s all over the page. -There is a statue in the doorway of the Treasury. -It is so detailed that at the top you can even see the radiators on the roof. -You can see the old time street lamps and even some gates.

Twenty Dollar Bill- -If you fold it a certain way you can see the Pentagon and the Twin Towers burning on 9/11. -Front -The Eagle holding the Olive branch and the Arrows is reversed and on the left side of the twenty. -Unlike the 13 arrows on the 1 dollar bill the 20 only has 3. -On the left of Jackson’s picture the words The United States of America 20 USA 20 USA are printed. -Back -There are a bunch of twenties all over the page. -There is an American flag on top of the White House. -You can see the wires that hold the light that is in front of the white house.

Through this I have found a something so amazing it will shake the foundations of history!

The Free Masons left a clue on the one dollar bill. This clue was the owl which was put there to get our attention. Now that I knew there was something more to the one dollar I checked out the back and found the prophecy-One United America, One United Order, From War to Peace, A New Age, Shall Approve the Beginning of the Stars. Now at first I had no clue what it meant but then I looked closer. One United America obviously meant our nation after The Articles of Confederation. One United Order meaning the Free Masons. From War to Peace is quite obvious it means that we will win a war. A New Age means the next generation or the new age of peace.

What had me confused was Shall Approve the Beginning of the Stars. At first I thought they meant the Big Bang or String Theory. Then I thought it meant our country. But then I looked back and remembered the beginning of our country was the first 13 colonies. I looked at the stars again, and low and behold, there were 13 stars.

Our clue that we have is the Beginning of the 13 Colonies. Well if I am correct on the back of the 5 dollar bill it lists the 13 colonies on the roof of the Lincoln Memorial. So the next clue I must find will be on the 5. It says the BEGINNING of the 13 colonies. Well the first colony it lists is Delaware which is above the only patch of light on the whole back of the 5 dollar bill. If you take the point of that light patch and follow it it points straight to Lincoln's head. Where is Lincoln's head? On the PENNY! The penny is worth 1 cent. There is only 1 other 1 which is the 1 dollar bill so how many pennies in 1 dollar. 100. $100 dollar bill, here we come!

Will put more later after I find the 100 dollar bill secrets. --KBennett 10:45, 24 October 2007 (UTC)