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I am currently attending the Missouri University Of Science and Technology for a BS in Computer Science. My interests are computers, video games, listening to music, running, and playing soccer.

I am interested in these articles for my Wikipedia Project:

  1. Illusion of transparency
  2. Alarmism
  3. Awkwardness
  4. Pair by association

I have chosen to do my project on the Illusion of transparency.

My sandbox is here /Illusion of transparency.

I have edited my sandbox page and moved its contents into the main space. My article is now ready to be peer evaluated. I plan on evaluating Optimalism and moral reasoning.

I have also submitted my article to the DYK page for articles edited on July 19 with the line

...that by simply knowing about and understanding the illusion of transparency you can effectively reduce speech anxiety.

I am watching and waiting to see if my line is featured.

I have peer-reviewed Optimalism and moral reasoning and added comments onto their talk page.