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Kevin M. I. Schutte
Santa Barbara, California

Curriculum Vitae[edit]

Master of Arts, Philosophy, 2007, University of California, Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, 2003, California State University, Sacramento
-Concentration in Logic and Philosophy of Science
-Concentration in Applied Ethics and Philosophy of Law (Unofficial; requirements met, but no petition for this concentration was filed)

Areas of Specialization (in progress)[edit]

  • Philosophical Logic (esp., Dummettian Anti-Realism, proof theory)
  • Ethical theory (esp., consequentialism, Socratic intellectualism, Wittgensteinian ethics)
  • Philosophy of mathematics (esp., intuitionism)

My Wikipedia Activity[edit]

I have stopped contributing to wikipedia due to the general disregard for utility exhibited by its editors and administrators. I do not expect to return.

Recommended Links[edit]

Philosophy Radio/Audio Programs[edit]


  • If you have a mouse with a scrolling-wheel on it, you can hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard while spinning that wheel to make web text smaller (for printing) or larger (for reading). I discovered this extremely useful information by chance and have since wondered why no one told me, so now I am telling you.