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While my "secret identity" is k of slinky (in reference to the spring constant of a Slinky- yes, very geeky and I'm proud of it), my true identity is Elizabeth Bianchi. I live in Maine, and have a B.A. in Physics from the University of Maine. (GO BLACK BEARS!)

For anyone interested, my good friend Mike and I went to Salt Lake City, UT from Aug 5 - Aug 12 2005, and in there we gave a 12 minute talk about research we conducted as undergraduates. The research focuses on the transfer of knowledge from algebra-based mechanics to algebra-based electrostatics, and is quite interesting. The talk was so cool! And we got lots of great feedback from the people there. I hope we can add more cool data to that research, and we're still hoping to publish a paper on it at some point. Check it out at

I am now the physics teacher at Medomak Valley High School (GO PANTHERS!), as well as a PAWS advisor, while also assisting with Cross Country and Outdoor Spring Track. I am also a very active member of the Medomak Maniacs.