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I keep asking a lot of questions on various pages about merging, creating stubs, creating stub categories, editing guidelines but most of the questions unfortunately go unanaswered. May be because I edit less-frequented articles. I also want to be part of some projects where I can contribute but I get lost in the help pages when I try to find how I can do what I need to do. Found the adoption page. Thought that might be helpful.

Following are some of the questions that went unanswered.

  1. How to create a stub category. The page Gopal Ganesh Agarkar was tagged as Indian Politician stub. He is actually a social reformer. There is no such stub category so I tagged it as Indian biography. But it would be good to have a category of social reformers. 19th century Maharashtra has a lot of reformers from Maharashtra and Bengal.
  1. How to merge pages. Who decides? How/Where to start the merge discussion? I asked that question with reference to the Mahalasa related pages. Somebody later attached the proposed merger tag but nobody told me/ pointed me to the proper process.
  1. Following was one of the questions I posted on discussion page of Classical music. Which was never answered.
I have a question about who decides/how you decide what is the most common usage. It might not be the correct place to ask this question. But I was reading all the discussions about naming various articles on Classical music, European/western classical music/list of classical music etc. Everybody keeps talking about 'the most common use'. When I was living in India, the most common meaning of the word 'classical music' was Indian classical music. When I said I learn classical music people understood it as Indian classical. They might ask Hindustani or Karnatik or just assume one or the other depending on which state I am in. But they never assumed I was learning Western classical. So my question is who decides what is common use? Are there guidelines for it? I am not asking to start the name change debate again but just wanted a clarification. --Kaveri 20:17, 10 July 2007 (UTC)