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KCsilver USER PAGE[edit]

Please leave your comments at the BOTTOM of my talk page. Thank you!

I'm a newbie working on my first article and dealing with a perpetual case of deletion paranoia due to foreign language reference. But it comes with the territory because the articles I've chosen to write have everything to do with Dominican artists and singers (of which only Juan Luis Guerra and Johnny Ventura or other much older artists have articles and on occassion only stubs)

I'm particularly concerned about the Johnny Ventura article because I know it was larger before and given how old his history is I doubt there are good english references and sources but there are excellent spanish sources. If there's anyone willing to collaborate with me on this project please let me know as I'm currently aiming to head from Cristal Marie to the article on Johnny Ventura who deserves more than just a stub!

I don't count Kat De Luna among my references for Dominican artists because she began her career in North America and has a large quantity of sources and resources at her disposal, same as other dominican international artists. I deeply respect her as an artist but for those who've discussed their concerns or pointed her as an example of quality articles, please understand that I'm only focusing on Dominican artists whose career is mainly in the Dominican Republic, not necessarily worldwide. Most of these articles have difficulty being online given their unique spanish references and believing that these artists deserve quality references for all viewers of wikipedia who might be investigating them I am taking the task of making sure somehow we can have those articles (that would normally go only in the spanish equivalent of wikipedia expanded) available. This from prior experience researching university papers in the music industry when talking of Latin American artists quality articles barely ever seem to appear, much less accurate. Help me make them available!

Thanks to all who help and encourage and for your warm welcomes!