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Kathy E. Gill is an avid motorcyclist (motogrrl) and political junkie.


I am adjunct faculty at various colleges and universities in the greater Seattle area; I am interested in how communication technologies affect collaboration and institutions like government, politics and news. When I have time, I blog these issues at WiredPen and The Moderate Voice. I am the part-time webmaster at King County Elections (the largest county in the country to vote entirely by mail) and also teach newbies how to ride motorcycles.

A native of Georgia, I now live in suburban Seattle, WA with my husband Mike and a Cairn Terrier named Katie.

My earliest credited Wikipedia edit, Britain J. Williams, is dated 2004. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my first edit. In short order, I edited (while logged in) the Election Assistance Commission and Ducati Monster. There is a theme there!

My earliest Wikiquote edit is about Lewis Grizzard and dated September 2017.