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Mug Shot of Kelvin Wright

I was born and grew-up in the UK. Most of this time was spent in Southampton and Stoke-on-Trent. I attended 7 different schools by the time I was a teenager.

Hobbies include sailing, photography, high technology, soccer, hiking and reading non-fiction.

I especially enjoy contemplating anything I don't understand, most recently Einstein's Special Relativity because his ether-less claims just don't seem make any sense to me whatsoever. There are unproven, unmeasured aspects (physical time travel is the most outrageous), paradoxes and claims that are made without authority.

I have been working at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in San Jose, California for the past 20 years managing various departments, sometimes all simultaneously; Field Service, Materials and Manufacturing Operations. My biggest focus right now is to improve the quality of our products. Someone calculated that the products I am responsible for manufacturing contain the highest silicon gate count per unit volume of anything ever made by mankind, which explains why MTBF is critical and has a profound effect on quality.

Hi Kelvin,
Do you know who am I?