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Ken Lonnquist (born June 11, 1957) is a U.S. songwriter, performer, educator and recording artist. Much of Lonnquist's current work is with children's music: school residencies, children's music concerts and children's theater musicals. The Children's Theater of Madison has produced 15 of Ken's full-scale musicals at the Madison Civic Center. His annual touring production of the holiday musical Old Befana is now in its 29th season. In addition to solo performances, he sings with three groups, The KENLAND Band (Children and Family), The Whateverlys (Adult Folk Funk) and O’Darby (an Irish/Celtic Band), at concerts and community festivals throughout the year.

Ken made up his first song at age seven, took up the guitar at twelve while living in Mexico City, and began performing professionally during his college days at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. After winning a national audition in 1982 (judged by the legendary Pete Seeger), Ken traveled widely as Wisconsin’s Minstrel for the Environment, performing for K-12 and college students about environmental concerns for the Wisconsin Environmental Decade. He then hit the college coffeehouse circuit, writing topical songs like "Brew Crew All the Way"(1982 World Series), "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye POLKA"(1983 Ronald Reagan Nuclear Build-up),“Pee Pee in Jars” (1986 Nancy Reagan “Just Say No Campaign”), “The Candidate's Position” (1992 Gary Hart and William Jefferson Clinton), “WMD”(2004 G.W. Bush; Dick Cheney), “My Brother Counts the Votes” (2001 G. W. Bush and Jeb Bush), "Brain To Nowhere"(2008 Sarah Palin & John McCain) and “Brett Comes Back” ( 2010 Brett Farve) which received airplay on NPR, Air America, the CBC and Pacifica Radio. Recordings of Lonnquist’s adult and children songs are available at, as well on iTunes, or . Scripts and musical scores of his children and community theater productions are available through Kenland.

Lonnquist has received awards from the Audubon Society, Parents Choice, American Library Association, Booklist, Children’s Music Web, Parents Guide to Children’s Media and a WAMI (WI Area Music Industry) Children’s Artist of the Year. Lonnquist is often selected as Madison’s Favorite Entertainer in the annual Isthmus Weekly Arts Newspaper’s readers’ poll.

Notable Quotes:

One hell of a good songwriter and singer. - Pete Seeger

Wonderful songwriting! Excellent Humor! - Si Kahn, Folk Singer/ Union Organizer

Ken Lonnquist—The Fifth Beatle: The Fab Four—in One—for Kids! - Music Review by Sally Russell Minnesota Parent Magazine

One of the most talented writers and performers of environmental music in the country. - Phoenix Press

Ken has neat songs. Ken uses his imagination. Ken teaches lessons in his songs. Ken has good facial expressions. Ken plays the guitar well. Ken has funny songs. - Greta, 3rd Grader

A creative and spellbinding performer, he has the uncanny ability to teach and entertain at the same time. Timothy Kooi, Principal Hartland WI

Exuberance, merriment, imagination and glee! New York Harborfest Oswego, NY

Recordings: 1982- 2015

Title Year Category
Brew Crew All The Way (single) 1982 Topical Humor(Sports)
Davey Nebraska (And Other Songs) 1983 Adult
Minstrel For The Environment-Younger 1983 Adult Environmental
Minstrel For The Environment-Older 1983 Adult Environmental
A Christmas Carol 1983 Musical Theater
Lonnquist & Brown 1985 Adult
North Wisconsin 1985 Adult
Kengos Bongos 1985 Children
A Little Dreamin' 1986 Children
Do The Unexpected 1987 Children
A Christmas Carol 1987 Musical Theater
Cinderella 1989 Musical Theater
In the Birchwood 1989 Adult
Beauty and the Beast 1989 Musical Theater
Cleveland’s Lunch 1990 Topical Humor Current Events
Babar The Elephant 1990 Musical Theater
Slow Ride 1991 Adult
Old Befana 1992 Musical Theater
Welcome 2 Kenland 1992 Children
Earthy Songs for Kids 1994 Children
Sign Songs (Video) 1994 Children (Sign Language)
Junestruck 1994 Adult
A Place at the Fire (Book-Tape) 1996 Children
The Circus Kenlando 1996 Children
Weave 1997 Adult
Lost Songs of Kenland 1998 Children
Sci-Fi Hi-Fi 1999 Children
Snow White 1999 Musical Theater
Switcher-On of Stars 2000 Children (Story and Lullabies)
In the Time of Nick 2001 Adult (Holiday)
Earthy Songs 2006 Children (Environmental)
Hi, Santa! (Commissioned by Lands’ End) 2006 Children (Holiday)
Hamlin - Songs Of The Pied Piper 2007 Musical Theater
Sign N Songs (DVD) 2007 Children (Sign Language)
Brain To Nowhere (Sarah Palin & John McCain) 2008 Topical Humor Political
Big Eddie (Schultz) Special 2008 Topical Humor Political
Awaken! (An Aztec Fable) 2009 Musical Theater
Vicious Fishes Of Kenland 2010 Children
Brett Comes Back (single download) 2010 Topical Humor Sports Brett Farve
Pumpkenland (digital download CD) 2011 Children (Halloween)
Gingerbread Man 2011 Musical Theater
Our Place And Time (Wisconsin Recall) 2012 Topical Political Scott Walker
Survival Revival: Earthy Songs Vol. 2 2015 Children Environmental
Living In A Circle 2015 Adult (Secular/Spiritual)
MORE Living In A Circle 2015 Adult (Secular/Spiritual)
ZERO: The Walker Debacle 2015 Topical Political Scott Walker