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I frequently use Wikipedia, and occasionally contribute. My home page is

Disclosure Statement Regarding Paid Edits[edit]

(This is a disclosure statement as per the FAQ on paid contributions and the Paid contributions without disclosure section of the Wikipedia Terms of Use.)

A small number of my edits in Wikipedia are paid work. The payments are for time rather than for specific content. That is, a client's payment sometimes makes it possible for me to spend the time to make edits that are the same as I would make on my own had I chosen to spend my time that way anyway, but in no case has a client offered payment for edits that are either inaccurate or inappropriate for the given Wikipedia article (nor would I accept such work). Generally, when I am paid for updating an article, it's something I elected to do as part of a broader overall consulting contract, rather than something the client specifically required for the contract. A good example is these changes to the WorldWide Telescope page. The client noticed that the article was very out of date, so I improved it.