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Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Rice University. I am a Biochemistry and Cell Biology major, with a minor in Poverty Justice, and Human Capabilities. I am a pre-med student, thus I am interested in public health and the issue of unequal healthcare. I would like to increase the information that is available about health issues that are prevalent in impoverished nations, as well as universal health issues. I initially began making Wikipedia contributions for my "Poverty, Gender, and Development" course at Rice University. I was concerned about the the layout and content of the Malnutrition article, since I felt that the page did not cover many of the social causes of malnutrition. I advocated that the article be added to the WikiProject:Sociology to promote its importance as a sociological as well as medical issue. I also added information on how women are disproportionately affected by malnutrition, and how this can have a devastating impact on children. I am currently enrolled in another course at Rice, "Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities" that also has a Wikipedia project. This time, I have chosen to work on the Food security article. I feel that the article has a poor layout and contains a large amount of information that does not relate to the article's topic. I will advocate the addition of the article to the WikiProject:Human Rights, especially in light of the article Right to food.

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