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Below is a mostly comprehensive gallery of all images — illustrations, diagrams and animations — that I have created for Wikipedia over the years, some of which have been selected as featured pictures, or even picture of the day. As you'll probably notice, they're mostly related to physics and mathematics, which are my main areas of interest.

If you have any comments, requests, suggestions or corrections, feel free to drop me a message on my talk page. But please, before making a suggestion, first take a look and see what sort of stuff I can do. Due to time, knowledge and complexity constraints, I cannot guarantee I'll be able to make a good illustration of any topic.

You can also follow me on tumblr for WIPs, current and failed projects and other creations.

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Wave-related animations.


A series of images illustrating the oscillation of a pendulum.

Blue Solids[edit]

A series of 3D renderings made in POV-Ray using the same aesthetic style.




All created using POV-Ray, except where noted.


Some of these were rasterized.


Special mention[edit]

MediaWiki's redirect arrow.
MediaWiki's redirect arrow.

I also created the redirect arrow, now used across all Wikimedia projects as well as most websites running MediaWiki software. This arrow was the winner of the Redirect Arrow Contest on Meta. Nothing amazing, but that's kinda cool. :)


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