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Jared Tompkins

About me

I'm a student at Auburn University, working on a Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering. I became an editor of Wikipedia because I love the idea of a free, completely open encyclopedia of knowledge built by the consensus of readers. Wikipedia is not for profit and difficult to use for personal gain; it is pure beneficent resource. And I believe that knowledge is the most valuable resource available to humans today.

I enjoy exercising my intellect, especially indulging my vanity by showing off said intellect. Wikipedia gives me a way to receive the ego-boost I crave — by knowing that potentially thousands or even millions of people read my work — without actually becoming an ass.

My role in Wikipedia

I used to think that my work on Wikipedia would be of primarily gnomish nature, but I've recently discovered how fun and satisfying it is to actually make larger content contributions. I have access to a lot of good sources at my university library, and I seem to have a bit of a knack for distilling from the verbose technicality of engineering texts the general informative content that makes Wikipedia so great.

Some of the most enjoyable weekends I've had recently have consisted of making a little nest in the Auburn library with my lappy, iPad, some technical manuals and an electric kettle for tea, spending several hours just creating articles or adding content in large amounts. You can see the contributions I'm most proud of below; most of these came through a few solid hours of simplifying and summarizing the very complicated and technical information contained in engineering books.

I'm hoping to apply to become a Campus Ambassador to Auburn, helping professors integrate Wikipedia (and other Wikimedia sister projects) into their classrooms and courses and helping those interested in contributing get started. I love Wikipedia, and I love Auburn, and I've already tried to organize simple, informal events on campus. Becoming an Ambassador will give me an extra layer of credibility and resources to continue doing that.

Some contributions

Articles I've created

Stubs I've adopted and expanded

Other articles I've made major contributions to

An index of my subpages

Current projects

I've put aside the work on Metalworking and Outline of metalworking for now, because those are going to require some significant effort and time to do.

I'm also working on an expansion of Biomachining. It is news to me that biomachining is a real thing, and honestly it's slightly frightening, but I've found an excellent source for it so I'll write the article.