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killermist[edit] Samuel Tunis

Cynical person and detailmonger.

I like Linux, medium power "embedded" hardware, books, and movies.

Fond of simple critters (squirrels, sparrows, etc). Not so fond of lazy critters like pigeons, especially where humans make their lazyness seem acceptable.

Pessimist: Habitually, and by nature (habitually possibly caused by nature) expecting more bad than good, expecting too much "success" of incompetence...

Dark: advanced form of Pessimist (but even moreso, if possible), expecting incompetence, and additionally expecting the affects of incompetence to not be as benign as others typically expect.

Detailmonger: Observing detail that many would not even consider

Naysayer: Junctioned side effect of Detailmonger and Pessimist, seeing details that can cause bad affects and expecting many to "accidentally" default to using/abusing those details

Heckler: slightly more aggressive version of Naysayer, emphasis on the "You'll see..." and "I told you so" thing

Passive Aggressive: references abound. Pick one. Calm, if not aggressively calm, to a fault. But when the calm is depleted, attempts at calm are abandoned for things to destroy. Often the list of things to destroy will have been pre-thought, and if acted on, will be fairly methodically hit, with little (if any) collateral damage.


Selectively Hateful (full of hate, for several specific behaviors/natures) Incompetence, Large Government,

Rook possessed of high mental gravity and inertia. Conclusions are often the result of lots and lots of research and experience. Because of that most conclusions aren't often subjected to lots of scrutiny until some fundamental flaw is found in what caused the conclusion. Many conclusions generally never see challenge.

Calculator: Grounded in math, not often swayed by "motivational" or "emotional" arguments, and often responding "emotionally" or "energetically" against things for which "the math doesn't add up". Sometimes abandoning a project in mid-action when the realization is made that some foundational math of the whole operation is flawed, and to finish anything more is pointless.

Adept at murdering days. Semi-proficient at killing months without assistance. Still not advanced in skill to do successful solo-combat with years.

Annoyed by Over and Out

Prefers Console programs to GUI programs, generally (with exceptions)