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And His Name Is YAHWEH[edit]

Were they Aliens or Gods, or is there a difference?[edit]

Chapter One;The First Writing on Planet Earth, the information that inspired Religious books; Bibles, the creation story 4500 bc
Cuneiform script
Mapping of Unicode characters
Sumerian language
Book of Genesis
Book of Exodus
Old Testament
Old Persian cuneiform
Mesopotamian religion
Chapter two; Giants, are they the “Decedents of the God's” and human women, mating?The cuneiform tablets tell the story of the “Angels” copulating with the daughters of man; and their offspring...
Giant (mythology)
List of giants in mythology and folklore
Writing system
Akkadian language
Eblaite language
Elamite language
Aramaic alphabet
Tower of Babel
Chapter three; The most important archaeological discoveries in Sumer are a large number of tablets written in Cuneiform. Sumerian writing is the oldest example of writing on earth.
Planetary objects proposed in religion, astrology and ufology
Zecharia Sitchin
Nibiru collision
Erich von Däniken
Book of Revelation
Voynich manuscript