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Hi, my name is Kimmy and I am a student in Texas. My interests include dancing, drawing, and reading about new developments in political science and microbiology. Areas of Wikipedia which I would want to contribute to are human rights, gender rights, literature, healthcare, political science, and microbiology. I added a "Society and Culture" section to the existing article on "Cholera" and contributed to the section called "Politicization" in the "Zimbabwean Cholera Outbreak" article for a course last semester. I will edit the existing article on "Women in Vietnam" as a student in Education Program:Rice University/Human Development In Global and Local Communities, Section 1 (Spring 2014) this semester.

I will work on this article by updating old statistics, adding a section about the influence of the Vietnam War on women’s rights in the present day, and adding more text to the section called “Human Rights.” For my contribution to the Human Rights section, I will talk about women’s involvement in politics and reproductive rights. I will focus on middle and upper-class women’s involvement in professional jobs (so I will look at women workers in business jobs, not menial laborers or sex workers) in a new section called “Women in the Workforce.”