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Nationality British
Known for Graffiti
Street Art
Bristol underground scene
Notable work There's All This Noise
Bristol's Most Wanted


Raised in Kingswood, Bristol Lokey’s interest in graffiti started during the mid 80’s, when some kids at the local park introduced him to the Hip hop culture. He mastered his skills with aerosol paint in the nineties whilst in the crews MBA[2], BA[3], DBz[4] which amongst others included Kato, Soker and Banksy.

Lokey took some time out at the beginning of the naughtys, after the death of his then girlfriend and is now part of WoC[5]. Doing what he loves most!... painting murals , exhibiting Original artwork & prints , Live painting and more...

Lokey has mainly been a letter form artist starting in the early days with bubble letters progressing through wildstyle and on to the 3D letters he paints now, making him one of only a hand full of graffiti artists/writers in the UK to master the art of 3D lettering.

Over the last year or so he has introduced some characters to his pieces in the form of can_droidz, some of which made an appearance at the "Crimes of Passion" exhibition at the RWA[6].

Other names that Lokey has painted under are Lokea, Lowkey, Loke and Pert.




  • Walls on fire[7] - Lokey painted with the crews Badd Applz[8] & DryBread'z[9] for this event, that was held in Bristol




  • 24th March - Mash-up : Bristol Festival Fundraiser
  • 3rd April - Banksy's Bristol : Home Sweet Home - Book Launch/Live Painting - Cargo, London
  • 28th/29th June - Gloston-bury Street Festival - Live Painting - Bristol
  • 2nd August - Lokey 'Under Control' from 'THE BLACK BOOK EDITION'Z' - Giclee Print Release
  • 24th August - In Gods Hands - Charity Event/Live Painting at Bar Celona
  • 27th August - Lokey/Pert 'Correctionz' from 'THE BLACK BOOK EDITION'Z' - Giclee Print Release
  • 31st August - The first Can_Droid character apeared at Stokes Croft , Bristol
  • 12th September - BunFight - Venue's Bristol Festival Fundraiser
  • October - Upfest Urban Paint Festival, Bristol - Live Painting
  • 17th November - Not Just Banksy (Day and Night Event), Live Painting - UWE, Frenchay Campus, Bristol
  • November - Children of the Can : 25yrs of Bristol Graffiti - Book Launch, Arnolfini, Bristol [13]
  • 24th November - Children of the Can : 25yrs of Bristol Graffiti - Paint Jam, Bristol Industrial Museum
  • 1st December - Children of the Can : 25yrs of Bristol Graffiti - Paint Jam, Bristol Industrial Museum


Notable art pieces[edit]

Statements from Lokey in Children of the Can[edit]

Excerpts from 'Children of the Can : 25 years of Bristol Graffiti'

First experiences of Hip Hop & Graffiti

Early influences

First experiences of painting illegally




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Articles and Media[edit]

  1. ^ Yrwall have been quoted on the video saying 'Lokey came down and painted on our digital graffiti wall last night. Great stuff and he loved the new ProWall interface we made for him so he could paint faster'
  2. ^ Bristol Festival asked Lumacoustics to create the 'World's Largest Interactive Graffiti Wall' on the side of the iconic Lloyds amphitheatre building on Bristol's harbourside. Towering over the festival site, the wall showcased the talents of local graffiti artists as they painted on the standard 3.5 metre square YrWall

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