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King Coffee

    This User-page began March 3rd, 2006.  I want to try one edit my first day here.  Wish me luck.

    OK My interests & areas of knowledge (to some small degree) are:

World War 2 opened the door into History for that war is just a small room (it's a BIG war...we'll say it's a small house) in a much larger world.

Medieval History is my latest is so HUGE...I fear I've forgotten as much as I've ever learned! Which means I know nothing, I guess...No, no...I just know nothing...for CERTAIN. How reliable are my sources, I wonder.

I have had a great interest in Science (as a child), and Music (as a teen), and Religion (as an early adult). Currently I'm in my own Middle Ages.

I came across WIKI when Computer Games Magazine referenced 'NWNWIKI.ORG' for a modding tool for a PC Game...that was last it is 10:00 a.m. here EST & I'm very tired. But happy...I loved the wealth of information about Avalon Hill, Kingmaker, Advanced 3rd Reich, and if I'm not mistaken, it is up to me (& you) to provide the Encyclopedia \ WIKIpedia with the article on The Empire of The Rising Sun. And I'm off and running....