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What kind of name is Kinibaai?[edit]

Easy answer: Kinibaai is a small neighbourhood (almost unknown even to the locals) in South Africa, some 25 km outside Port Elizabeth, exactly at 34°1′9″S 25°22′40″E / 34.01917°S 25.37778°E / -34.01917; 25.37778. Basically just a couple of houses, no shops, no bars, not even postal service (everybody has a PO box). In fact, Kinibaai is the Afrikaans spelling; the correct English name is Kini Bay (or Kinibay).


Why am I here?[edit]

Wikipedia already was one of my favourite websites for quite a while when I came across the WikiProject "Geographical coordinates" in July 2006. All over sudden I discovered some articles where I was able to contribute - either coordinates or some text or both.

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