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About me[edit]

Hey, it's Kir. That's not my real name(see below). What is my name you ask? Like I'd tell you. Anyway I don't do the favorites No one can tell anything about you just because you like The Office or Harry Potter (Except that you like The Office and Harry Potter). Here's what you really need to know.
1. I'm an All-Star cheerleader. No pom-poms, no pep rallies. This is hard core. This is the back-flipping, stunting, girl-throwing real deal. I'm very loyal to my gym. I'm also very loyal to the SPORT. And for those of you out there going, "cheerleading's not a sport," here are some things to consider.
Would you consider gymnastics a sport? Well cheering is the same thing. We tumble, and we do so dang well. The back-handsprings, front tucks, back tucks, layouts, and fulls, we do them all. (and in skirts and bows I might add.)
Have you ever lugged a child around on you hip, or given a friend a piggyback ride. Imagine that times 10. We hold girls on one foot above our heads. We throw people 20 feet in the air, watch them do a back flip and then catch them. That's like falling through the second floor of a house into someones arms.
Guess what, cheerleaders condition too, we aren't naturally this strong. We lift weights, and we lift people. So lets do the math. If my flyer weighs 110 lbs, That's 55 pounds in my hands. Plus, if you're a male cheerleader, your holding BOTH her feet. That's the same as benching 90-120 pounds.
We're extreme, we're strong, confident, spirited, and we're ATHLETES. Don't ever tell a cheerleader she isn't, we're strong enough to take you out.
"In any other sport, if you miss the catch, all you loose is the ball.
2.I LOVE Disney, and work on many of the Disney articles. I know Walt Disney World like the back of my own hand. That's pretty much it, the really important things(at least to you) about me.

Where the name came from[edit]

When I was little I played with American Girl Dolls A LOT. I loved them, so when I would make accounts I would use my fav. doll's name, Kirsten, and her year 1854. Subtract the 18, and add two 00s and there you have it. I've just kept it beacuse it is easy for me to remember. No my name is not actually Kirsten but, online I do go by Kirsty or Kir.

Articles I've worked on[edit]

The major articles I've edited, are the article on stunting for cheerleading, Cheerleading and Disney articles. The pictures on the Beauty and the Beast live page are mine, as well as a major part of the Plot content, and some of the It's a small world ones are mine. Also, some of the SpectroMagic Parade ones are mine.

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