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Hello there, I have recently joined Wikipedia. This was my first article [1]

So why this article and person? Well, For the past few months I have been working on a mirror of some websites that went offline when their domains expired. Because a significant part of the websites content is missing I think connecting with other fans of the comics from those websites, perhaps even those who have pieces of the website I don’t have would be the best way to fill in the blanks.

A philosophy i am sure is akin to the Wikipedia way of allowing anyone to contribute and with a little moderation it has grown to be indispensable for anyone wanting to quickly look something up.

My Mirrors[edit]

I run these Mirrors of the sites by Ryan Armand

Very buggy for 2 reasons problems with the host and I cut corners with this one to get it put together in less than a week

So these are going to replace that once they are feature complete, with these.


Above should meet the criteria for "Limited autobiographical content"/"A small and proportionate amount of suitable unrelated material" [2]

If not it wasn't my intention to go against Wikipedia policy