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Hi there - I am not new to wikipedia and was researching bus trips when I stumbled across the entrie(s) for the Green Tortoise. I read also the discussion on this article and was amazed to find such a heated discussion over some random information. I edited the article based on research that I did over the phone and on the web. I have not taken a Green Tortoise trip so I do not have first hand experience.

What I do care about is that I come to this website to research information on many subjects - not to read personal "truths" about how one persons experience was - this is an opinion and may not be factual. See the entry for "Stansted Transit" for a fact based editorial.

I also looked up wikipedias own information on editing a website - I made changes and edited the article based on wikipedias standards. I have included them below for anyone to browse.

I hope that wikipedia does not continue on this path of allowing personal reference to be aired as truth. I am disheartened to read the article and the entries from whoever placed them there (both pro and con) as they represent personal beliefs or agendas and not actual facts. Please keep it real and truly unbiased.

Thank you, Linda Klump

• is completely neutral and unbiased; it has a neutral point of view, presenting competing views on controversies logically and fairly, and pointing out all sides without favoring particular viewpoints. The most factual and accepted views are emphasized, and minority views are given a lower priority; sufficient information and references are provided so that readers can learn more about particular views. • is of an appropriate length; it is long enough to provide sufficient information, depth, and analysis on its subject, without including unnecessary detail or information that would be more suitable in "subarticles", related articles, or sister projects. • reflects expert knowledge; it is grounded in fact and on sound scholarly and logical principles. • is precise and explicit; it is free of vague generalities and half-truths that may arise from an imperfect grasp of the subject. • is well-documented; all facts are cited from reputable sources, preferably sources that are accessible and up-to-date.