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The Cameron Knowles Show was a current events radio talk show on WSGW-AM 790 in Saginaw, Michigan from 1997-2002. The show featured local topics, authors and call-in topics Mondays through Fridays. Regular features included an open line segment called 'Talk Back Tuesday', the 'People Poll' on Mondays and a daily commentary entitled "A Piece of My Mind" on the WSGW morning show.

The show was hosted by Cameron Knowles, who had been a reporter on WSGW from 1989-1996.

The show initially aired from 3:00 until 5:30 PM, replacing a local news program called "Afternoon Drive". It eventually wsa extended to 6:00 PM. The show followed the Rush Limbaugh show.[1] The show was followed by WSGW's Evening Round-up, a news show.

In 1998, the show made Michigan state-wide news when a candidate for state office was arreted during the program.[2]

In 2000, the program was awarded a Merit Award from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.[3]

Knowles espoused a generally Libertarian point of view when talking about politics. He spoke the Libertarian party's 2001 state convention in Frankenumth, Michigan.[4]

Knowles left to work with the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club in 2002, and the program was succeeded by the Bill O'Reilly radio show.[5] Knowles then worked with the Durham Bulls Baseball Club in 2007. He currently is a freelance journalist and is a consultant based in North Carolina.


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