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I'm nobody special.

For visibility, I was a Campus and Online Ambassador for several courses for several years and the account User:Example2011 was made by me. I do not edit from it. I do not have any other alternate accounts on Wikimedia Foundation projects and do not consciously edit from IPs. I have done some digging to find all of my previous IP edits and noted them below.

After about two years of having potential clients ask me to write Wikipedia articles for them and me always declining, I worked to create the article on Bob's Watches. Everyone with whom I worked was patient and gracious and took plenty of time to try to understand Wikipedia's norms about promotion, paid editing, disclosure, terms of service, etc. I do not advertise my services editing Wikipedia and I am not willing to accept payment of any kind for editing in the future, even if other clients are willing to abide by the terms of service of the site. Note that I cannot edit for pay without disclosure and the two instances where I was paid were explicitly noted. I have been approached off-wiki to work on the following articles and actually made some edit (not all had money or any kind of remuneration offered):

In terms of other possible conflicts of interest, I have some personal association with articles on:

Please note that I am unwilling to do paid editing but I have in the past; it's honestly too much of a headache. I am happy to give advice and consult for free and if you need some serious writing work done, it will require me to disclose that work as well as change my user rights status here. My preference is to help you figure out how we can work together to make the encyclopedia stronger.

Anonymous IP Edits I Have Made
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