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I am Justin Anthony Knapp (koavf), a Wikipedian from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I'm a life-long Hoosier, and attended Covenant Christian High School; upon graduating, I worked there as a tutor and teachers' assistant for two years. I joined Wikipedia on 2005-03-06, after anonymously editing for months. I worked for Indiana University at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis for several years, where I earned degrees in philosophy and political science.

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Needless to say, the things most interesting to me about my life probably won't be that interesting to you. You may see my family tree from Rodovid. Other wikis on which I might work (but probably not much) include Appropedia, CC Wiki, Citizendium, Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español, Free Culture, Freedom Defined, IMSLP (forum), localwiki, MozillaWiki, OrthodoxWiki, OSMwiki, TranslateWiki, Wikia (specifically, Peanuts and R.E.M. wikis where I am an admin or DC Database and Lyrics), wikiHow, WikiIndex, and Wikilivres/ I'm also an admin on the non-Wikimedia Foundation travel wiki.

Feel free to e-mail me if there's something that you desperately need to tell or ask me; that's the best way to get in contact with me.

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These are my 1,000,000+ contributions (breakdown claiming 50,000+ more, breakdown claiming 20,000+ more, cross-wiki breakdown, cross-wiki count, recent cross-wiki edits, a half-million logged actions); I'm a fairly active Wikipedian—as far as I'm aware, I'm the first person to have a million edits to a single wiki. I think that Wikipedia is one of the few Internet communities worth joining, and the anarchistic approach to editing is its strongest feature. I generally edit articles concerned with politics, philosophy, religion, or popular culture, and I particularly try to represent the interests of truth and the Sahrawis of Western Sahara (SADR). To that end, I created the Western Sahara Portal, Category:Western Sahara stubs, Template:Western sahara to-do, and the Western Sahara Project. Every now and again, I'll sort stubs, categorize pages, move misnamed articles, fix double redirects, or click on the random page link and do what I can.

In terms of my English editing preferences, I am an American from the Midwest and I try to have proper (American) grammar. As you can see from my userboxes, I use single spacing between sentences, I do not use singular they or gender neutral pronouns of any stripe (although I will sometimes just try to avoid it altogether; otherwise, I will universally use "he"), etc. That having been said, I read a lot of British media, so I use some British constructions in my everyday speech and editing (e.g. "R.E.M. are an alternative rock band.") I also use ISO dates and "persons" as the plural for "person" (rather than "people.") If you notice me being inconsistent in my English usage, please let me know, as it's a concern of mine.

In terms of my editing strengths, I think that I am generally good at things like adding categories, media, references, and templates; copyediting and formatting; suggesting structures to articles or adding links; and sometimes at adding prose. That is my weakest area by far—the actual content of the text—and the part that I struggle with the most when attempting to get articles to good or featured status. I am pretty clueless about how to structure several kinds of articles which are popular on Wikipedia: many related to sciences, military history, biographies, or transportation. I have a pretty good idea of how to write an article on albums and some other pop culture topics, some topics in philosophy and social sciences, and some list articles.

I have been a Campus and Online Ambassador for several courses for several years. After about two years of having potential clients ask me to write Wikipedia articles for them and me always declining, I worked to create the article on Bob's Watches. Everyone with whom I worked was patient and gracious and took plenty of time to try to understand Wikipedia's norms about promotion, paid editing, disclosure, terms of service, etc. I do not advertise my services editing Wikipedia and I am not willing to accept payment for editing in the future, even if other clients are willing to abide by the terms of service of the site. Note that I cannot edit for pay without disclosure and the two instances where I was paid were explicitly noted. I have been approached off-wiki to work on the following articles and actually made some edit (not all had money or any kind of remuneration offered):

In terms of other possible conflicts of interest, I have some personal association with articles on:

Please note that I am unwilling to do paid editing but I have in the past; it's honestly too much of a headache. I am happy to give advice and consult for free and if you need some serious writing work done, it will require me to disclose that work as well as change my user rights status here. My preference is to help you figure out how we can work together to make the encyclopedia stronger.

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Elation. Elegance. Exaltation. All from God. Thank you God. Amen.
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My entire world view is based on the assertion that God exists, and created humanity in His image. I'm radically liberal politically and religiously, but conservative and prudish in my personal temperament.

Since this is the case, all persons are the things in the universe most like God, and have immeasurable dignity and worth. This dignity is expressed in rights, the primary of which is the right to life. Humans have been given a rational will to make moral decisions, and the most fulfilling way of life is one characterized by love and genuine reciprocity between persons; the greatest love being charity. Persons are the only things which can be said to truly exist, and humans are unique among animals in our capacity to reason, use language, make choices, create art, have projects, create meaningful relationships, and we have souls. Since humans do nothing to merit personhood, there is also nothing they can do to lose it; their rights are immutable, equal, and non-transferable. Even if we have disagreements with others, we must respect their moral and rational autonomy.

Some of the rights that persons have are positive and others negative, and the primary purpose of the state is to allow flourishing and excellence among its citizenry. Domestically, this is accomplished by creating genuine democracy in a stable republic. In international relations, this is best accomplished by peaceful cooperation, sometimes fostered by intergovernmental organizations. Governments must provide for the entire well-being of the citizen—including education, health care, safety, and, above all, the rule of law. The wealth and affluence of some states is only the case because of a reciprocal relationship with other states (sometimes, this relationship is exploitative.) Consequently, it is imperative to give back to those other societies to help them develop themselves and to show appreciation for their worth as persons. Ideally, humans should have no coercive state structures and should accomplish all means of the state through ad hoc and spontaneously create partnerships to achieve mutually-beneficial goals.

In terms of interpersonal relations, persons should always respect the rights of other persons, never treating them as a means only, and always as an end. Manipulation is always wrong. All persons have an intuitive understanding of good and evil, a conscience. This conscience is not perfect, though, and must be transformed by habit and reason. Compassion, kindness, and mindfulness are a few of the virtues that all persons should acquire, and since they can only be acquired by habit, we must practice care for the environment and fellow animals; not because they deserve it in and of themselves, but because we can better respect other humans if we demonstrate respect to other creatures. A truly compassionate life develops reverence for all other life.

This respect is also a moral imperative, since by demonstrating love toward God's creations, we demonstrate love to God also. God has entered into history at various times to guide the course of human affairs, but is more likely to act through persons on an individual level. To all who ask for wisdom, or truth, it is given in abundance, and perseverance is given to those who need it in times of trial. The greatest guide that has been given to humanity to help them understand the universe and their place in it is the Bible, and the greatest instance of divine intervention in human affairs is the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It is because of His sacrifice that we can achieve salvation and mystical union with God. This is open to all persons, including those who have never known His name. Ultimately, it is impossible for any human to know who will be saved, as it is an intensely personal matter and relies on God's unknowable economy. We can only control our words, actions, and beliefs in this life. It is imperative that persons of the faith unite under the essentials of Christianity and maintain genuine and sincere attempts at healing the world with members of other faith communities.

Ultimately, there are several philosophies that contain some truth, but not all of them share it in equal measure. A philosophy can only be ultimately useful if it is holistic, that is, it takes into account all of the kinds of experiences that persons have. Humans are made up of several overlapping dimensions, none of which is most important or real, and all of which are dependent on the others for their fullest expression: the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social. Our spiritual life is constituted by our relationship to God, beliefs about other persons, intentions toward others, priorities and affections, and love. The mental component of our lives includes memory, personality and temperament, imagination, logical reasoning, creativity, and volitional will. We have a wide range of emotions: happiness, anger, sadness, and more. None of them is invalid, and all of them should be exercised at some time. Our bodies are our most important possessions, and we should take care that they operate in the best condition; if our body is lazy, our mind will be likewise. We are not identical to our bodies, but are embodied creatures and there is nothing inherently wrong with this; it is a part of the created order. Lastly, humans are social creatures, and in creating relationships with others, we learn invaluable truths about ourselves and the world around us.

We are all pilgrims, though, and the search for truth is rich because of reciprocity between persons—so feel free to let me know what you think. Above all else: love all, beware false prophets, and don't panic.

Important Information and Final Thoughts

These things matter

A grey outline of a tombstone with "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" and "We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane" written on it

The last words of Leonardo da Vinci:

"I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have."

The epitaph of Paul Erdős:

"Finally I am becoming stupider no more."

The last words of Ludwig Wittgenstein:

"Tell them I've had a wonderful life."
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