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About me

I am a citizen of the Federal Republic of China. I once spent 19 years in the mainland territory of the Republic of China, and now I live in Seattle, Washington.

Originally I wanted to synchronize my user page in English and Chinese Wikipedia, but I abandoned this idea soon out of several factors: the most important one among which is the different atmospheres on the two sites. The conflict of ideology plays an important role in zhwiki, generally some Chinese Wikipedians tend to pursue democracy, while others support the Communist Party, hence contradict appears. In the end, this diversity often affects editors' tendency to modify an article in a subjective way. I guess there's temporarily no solution. In enwiki, however, the situation looks better (just 'better', I know there are some universal problems that can be seen on wikis of any language).

And, you may still wonder, what about the quote of Jimmy Wales at the top of this page? Look, I am from a country where sensitive websites have long been blocked (see Internet censorship in China), Wikipedia is unfortunately not exempted. Embarrassment? The government of the Democratic People's Republic of China doesn't care it at all.

I registered an account in November 2011 and made my first edit in January 2012. But I was not active until early 2014. Today, most of my contributions are in zhwiki. Why? Because writing in one's native language is more comfortable? Maybe. Anyway, I'm here now. My major works in enwiki is to translate articles with my contributions in zhwiki to English in order to fill some vacancies - I've noticed that zhwiki has some articles that enwiki doesn't have (including a few written by myself). This is what I can help.


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Do you know ...

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Articles created or expanded

Events: 2014 Seoul subway crash, 2014 Mae Lao earthquake

Organizations and locations: Institute of Hán-Nôm Studies, Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation

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Recent plans:

  1. Complete /Minh Hương people (a huge task XD)