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Wikipedia:In The Eyes Of A Wikipedian No.1 Vol 1[edit]

Hello, Everyone. This is a newsletter from the eyes of me, Koy. I'll review what I did, And tell you guys about it. October 1st,2013 I first joined wikipedia. I made a few articles, But they were deleted. MY ADVICE: If it goes against the terms of notability, I guess you can't have it. I learned this after making my first article. I don't really agree with the rules here, BUT we do have to follow them. That's pretty much all that happened this time. next time, I'll see if I can find something more interesting.

Wikipedia:In The Eyes Of A Wikipedian No.1 Vol 2[edit]

Hello, Everyone. This time nothing interesting happened. When I logged in, One of my articles had been deleted. This takes me to the number of current articles I have: 0. I just can't seem to keep articles there for very long. MY ADVICE: Try to write good enough articles to keep them here. Well, see you guys next time.

Wikipedia:In The Eyes Of A Wikipedian No.1 Vol 3[edit]

If anyone was wondering, This newsletter is in five volumes for each issue. Just putting that in there. Today I'll talk about something important. I consider myself nice, Kind, And overall A good person. But i'm somewhat mischevious. A couple years back when I wasn't a part of Wikipedia, I VANDALIZED IT. It was fun for me, But now I understand how wrong it is. See, That's what i'll talk about today: Vandals On Wikipedia. So, First, What is a vandal? A vandal is someone Who, In our case, Ruins Wikipedia. Look more for it here. I used to be a vandal, But now I'm going to work to stop vandals here. So, Anyway, Vandals have been terrorizing us since, Well, FOREVER! It's rare we see one day with no vandals. VERY RARE. Some vandals edit one page. Or others attack multiple pages. Sometimes they go on edit wars And launch multiple assaults on the same page OVER AND OVER. So it's our job to stop them. So, Today, I came across a vandal. He attacked a page, I edited it back, He attacked, I edited, And so on. What we Are experiencing is disgrace. Disgrace to us, And disgrace to the encyclopedia. So let's all try to stop it, Shall we? I'll see If I can't find anything more interesting next time. See Ya.

Wikipedia:In The Eyes Of A Wikipedian No.1 Vol 4[edit]

Today, I received a puppy! It was a wonderful experience, And it made me feel apreciated! If you are wondering, I got sent a PICTURE of a puppy, But that's always considered (At least on Wikipedia) To be the real thing. So today we're going to talk about Wiki-Love messages. Now, What IS a Wiki-love message? Say you're on someone's talk page, And you send them a message showing your appreciation. THAT is a Wiki-love message. So whenever you want to show appreciation to people here, Send them a message. Oh, The guy who sent me the Wiki-love is Yngvadottir! He's awesome! So, enough about me, And let me see if I can't find anything more interesting. See ya guys.

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