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Metadata, cataloguing, libraries and archives, oh my![edit]

Thanks for visiting my (new) user page. I am a librarian, currently a metadata librarian also working on taxonomies, information architecture, digital preservation, web content management and digital asset management, federated search, collaborative standards, wikis, blogs, and a host of other things for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Previously, I worked for Canadian Heritage Information Network which are responsible for Virtual Museum of Canada and Library and Archives Canada (formerly the National Archives and National Library of Canada). And before that, I was the National Project Manager for Archives Canada, aka Canadian Archival Information Network.

A librarian, an archivist, a cataloguer, and a geek all rolled into one, I don't know if my profession is my hobby or my hobby is my profession.

It's taken a while but I am finally glad I'm a contributor to wikipedia. I sure use it enough.

External links[edit]

Library and Archives Canada

Archives Canada - Canada's collection of archival collections (the project I got off the ground)