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Operator KuduIO
Author KuduIO, pywikipediabot developers
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Python
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant? block


Task Status Approved? Description Whitelist Blacklist Acknowledgements Source code
1 Finished Yes Checks for articles using {{Geobox}} where the map_locator paramater is "Ontario", and replace its map parameter by Canada Ontario location map 2.svg.

2 Active On trial Creates the daily maintenance subcategories for Category:Wikipedia files missing permission, which are in the naming format of, for example, Category:Wikipedia files missing permission as of 10 September 2011, and they are created just by substituting {{subst:Files missing permission subcategory starter}}.

3 Pending On trial Move all hatnotes to the very top of the articles per the Manual of Style.

4 Unapproved No Search for the {{Requested move}} tag in user talk space, usually on a subpage, and remove it, appending a notice explaining the action.