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L46kok's Userboxes
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This user is of Korean ancestry.
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United States of America.
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Hello! I am a senior majoring in Computer Engineering at University of Wyoming. I was originally born in South Korea and moved to United States when I was 14 years old. I have been residing in United States for approximately 7 years now.

I joined Wikipedia a while ago on the purpose of vandalising the articles. However, I was astounded by how protective and comprehensive the articles were and fascinated by it hence, I decided to start contributing heavily to redeem what I have done and to improve Wikipedia from 15 December 2007

Interests in Wikipedia[edit]

As elucidated by my userboxes, I seek to improve articles majorly related to Korea, Engineering, Computing and Anime. Here are my current priorities of which they are currently under my watchlist:

Korea Related Articles

China Related Articles

Computer Related Articles

Articles Started by Me[edit]

The following lists are the articles that have been started by me: