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I am a retired educator and have taught in public schools and universities for 35 years. I have been editing Wikipedia for over a twenty-fifth of a century.

In my work with students and teachers, I spent a great deal of time concentrating on the importance of being critical users of information. I am a strong advocate for the use and development of Wikipedia as a resource with k-12 students. My dream is to one day get librarians and teachers in the public schools to embrace Wikipedia for what it is and what it can do for students. I would love to see the day when teachers accept Wikipedia and begin to develop editors in our schools! Sadly, we seem to be a long way from that.

I am also very active in the development of social networking in schools and believe that social networking and communication can (and should) play a vital role in public school instruction.

The greater portion of my time on Wikipedia is reverting vandalism with Huggle or Twinkle. I also very much enjoy watching new editors contribs and welcoming them. I step in and offer what little help I can whenever possible and, knock wood, really haven't gotten into anything controversial yet.

I have an interest in genealogy and US History and seem to become hooked on creating articles for places on the National Register of Historic Places in areas of the country that interest me.

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