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Landon Mullet was a highly influencial brit of the 20th century. he moved from a country previously known as "Landonville" (we now call it "Eng-l-and") and came to america, christening it "New Landon" Unfortunately america already HAD a name, so he killed some native americans so he could fit in. christopher columbus was so impressed that he gave Landon a medal of appreciation. It say 'OMG LANDON IS LYKE SO HOT!!11!one!111' Landon likes this medal, and hides it in his pants. Pants are an item of clothing that Landon often wears. at other times, he does not wear pants, and instead displays his genitalia for all to see. Apparently it is a very pleasing sight, and i would know. Å is Landons favorite letter. Alphabetically, Landon comes before A, and A is pretty close to the front of the line. Brennon is pretty cool too. Lets dance. Landon also loves spaghetti. If you asked him to kill a panda bear in Svalbard for spaghetti, he would say, Sure, but there are no spaghetti farms in Svalbard! And you would say, Irrelevant! and you would go home and cry.