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Ruacana waterfall[edit]

Ruacana waterfall is among the largest waterfall in Africa, both based on volume and width.It's situated in the northern Namibia near ruacana, between Angolan and Namibian borders [1].

It was developed around a major underground hydroelectric plant linked to a nearby dam across the border between Angola and colueque. This waterfall occurs along a stream that is known to vary greatly in volume and as a result it may not flow consistently through out the year and sometimes it may dry out completely during certain period.

Due to the fact that the fall is near the kunene river, the river supply reaches majestic point during the rainy season, and this make the fall to be the main tourist attraction bringing over thousand of tourist to vist our country and this contribute to the development of our country, through foreign currency[2].

The weekly average river flow data at the fall have been well above the flow of 210 cubic metres per second which is more likely required for the power plant to run at full throttle[3].


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