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US Patent Application #20040186522 "Apparatus for pericardial augmentation" Proposed device is based on theory positing the right and left ventricles incur pathologic autonomic electrical ischemia proportional to the degree that pathologic blood perfusion ischemia incurs negative global cardiac performance. Novelty of the device: Allows a selectively targeted computational method to electrically depolarize the ventricles from an "outside in" or external perspective rather than known art claiming "inside out" or internal depolarization derived from internally/endovascular blood exposed cardiac devices. Hypothesis of the method: A computationally targeted electrical web within the pericardial space may reach marginally viable myocardium refractory to restoration of blood perfusion.

9/25/12 This application remains mired in legal challenges beyond my means. Pericardial augmentation necessarily requires deployment of myocardial electrodes; a technology many years old and claimed many times over. Pursuit of truth of the posited theory requires a dedicated and licensed porcine laboratory. Implantation of permanent myocardial electrodes by means of a web in the pericardial space is one of many ways to augment identified electrical/autonomic insufficiency of the myocardium. Novelty of the original application remains intact as I have not viewed any other claims espousing an "outside in" method of pacing the heart for systole or diastole. lbeben 23:43, 25 September 2012 (UTC) Selected control of dedicated myocardial electrodes will eventually be controlled wirelessly, obviating the need for an internally placed web. Once successfully deployed in the laboratory, ventricular electrodes will be timed to augment wall motion abnormalities of the ventricles in systole and atrial electrodes will address diastolic decline and atrial fibrillation. The application specifically excludes claims regarding electrode technology and computationally applied solutions and focuses on the means to connect them. lbeben 23:43, 25 September 2012 (UTC)