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My edits focus on historical contexts of religious bodies and institutions.

Ledox Mission[edit]

I enjoy editing about universities, religion, historical American Protestantism, exhibits of Protestant Christianity on the key points of American history, and overtures of politics toward religious leaders.

Original research[edit]

I am pondering the insertion of information regarding North American religion 'as shaped by geography and people.' This is a new take on an old topic. The idea is how distinctly creole society (synonymous for 'blended,' not the "creole people" in this usage) has formed boundaries in religion that dissipate as one travels North. The boundaries give way to a more open, fundamentally progressive and free climate that is, by today's political contexts, an unnamed phenomenon. It is crystalizing American politics with every election and "northern" voices handily win national debates. This has led to perhaps the most vivacious form of Christianity in history, with an ever-growing, un-denominated church body that cannot, and will not be, governed by any politics that obstruct freedom of sexuality, social smoothness, and education.