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I used to be User:Omega Archdoom but tired of the name however many years ago that was now.

This account is for reverting vandalism when I see it or adding small things where I think they're appropriate. I don't consider myself an expert on many topics so I don't make larger edits - the one topic I am quite knowledgeable about, Beyblades, is something I work on over at BeyWiki under the username th!nk, as much of my knowledge (and that of the community at large) is original research. Perhaps one day I will get something together to fix up the errors in Wikipedia's Beyblade article, such as incorrect information (likely sourced from the community I'm a member of - plenty of mistakes back then too) about the comparative quality of the two main brands, which in reality does not differ significantly, bar Hasbro having more time to find out about fragility issues and release reinforced molds due to the delay before their releases.

Aside from that, I have an interest in Psychology as well as the electric guitar and related gear, but none of that is to the degree I would feel it appropriate to do more than make small edits to articles.

I live in Western Australia, am a ways left of centre politically (which was why I chose the Captcha I got as my username) and a strong believer in the scientific method, and have misgivings about the amount of baseless pseudoscience Wikipedia's rules seem to let go unchallenged, but not to the point where I could be bothered doing anything more than writing this paragraph.

Have a nice day.

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