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Welcome to my user page. My real name is Molly Schwartzburg, and I am a curator at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia. My Wikipedia edits sometimes involve adding information about our holdings to the pages of individuals, organizations, and places. I also love to add pages on topics I'm researching. If you have any questions about the collections or my edits, please feel free to email me at

If you're curious about my username, here's the story. It comes from an episode described by Thomas Carlyle in Past and Present. Leofstan was abbott at Bury St. Edmunds Abbey in the 11th century. As Carlyle tells the story of Edmund's sainthood, after St. Edmund, (also known as Edmund the Martyr) was beheaded in battle, his head miraculously reattached itself to his body. Two centuries later, Leofstan doubted the tale, and instructed monks in the abbey to disinter St. Edmund's body so he could see for himself that the head was attached to the body. Indeed, it was. Years ago when I first read the Carlyle piece, I found the story compelling as a metaphor for literary study: the need to "dig" through the text, to see and understand the materials themselves, rather than depending on others' explanations or beliefs about the text.

Here are some of the pages I have either created or contributed to significantly:

Charlottesville-Albemarle Tribune

Charlottesville Woolen Mills

Dawson's Book Shop

Flora Crater

Miniature book

T. J. Sellers

Achille St. Onge

Jan Sobota

William Faulkner Foundation

Randolph Lewis White

Joan Williams